Thursday, November 17, 2022

Best boat in ages...

A very good (albeit depressing) point being made, backsliding on climate, and the "Climate game changer" deparment... 

I'm pretty sure I've made no secret of my love of Harle's Muscadet design in the past but here's a new design that I like just as much.

Sure looks a lot like a Muscadet

With a design brief that amounted to "A Muscadet of the future" and, with no inclination to throw the baby out with the bathwater, Chantier Brava proceeded to design a boat that took the Muscadet concept into the current century.

Better yet, it's a wood boat and wood, Dear Readers, is as close as you can get to an honest-to-god green boat as wood is a sustainable resource with as low of a carbon footprint as you're going to find.

The Brava 25 at 25 feet is a bit bigger than Harle's Muscadet which was just a kiss over 21-feet and the added length and beam makes for a much more livable and comfortable accommodation.


The deal-breaker for most is going to be the 1.5 meter (4.92 feet) headroom but I'll go on record as someone who's 6'5" that an interior like this is very livable. Face it, the only important headroom is based on what's needful 99% of he time when you're sitting. That said, I won't bother with the advantages of a flush deck in terms of windage and performance.

So, a boat that I find all kinds of exciting. There's a lot more information on the Brava website hat ou really should check out.

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So it goes...