Monday, March 07, 2022

Shit happens...

EBM with a horrific but all too apt analogy, some resources in case you want to help Ukraine, and in the "Just more dangerous bigoted crap from Texas" department...

Being immersed in a world pandemic for the last two years that is still killing people at an alarming rate has people being a little nervous. Taking on any sort of life-changing enterprise like building a boat or sailing off to a tropical paradise, you should be nervous.

I get that.

Anyone not nervous about things these days is idiotic, willfully oblivious, or in a coma.

Nervous? It’s almost “H” season, there’s an ongoing pandemic, and there’s a world leader painting himself into a corner who keeps pointing out that he has atomic weapons and he’ll use them is part of the daily news. You’d be an idiot not to be nervous.

But back to budgets. Folks who think that with enough money, insurance, and being from an entitled 1st world country equals Teflon protection might be in for a nasty karmic WTF moment.

Listening to the Byrds

So it goes...