Monday, March 28, 2022

Looking back at some great investments...

The problem with an oil-centric economy, a very good point, and in the "Now I'm really scared" department...

Yesterday, while perusing a book for interior structure ideas, I realized that my copy of Fred Bingham's "Practical Yacht Joinery" is over forty-years old and still being used on a regular basis. It's somewhat tattered but talk about a good investment.

George Buehler's "Backyard Boatbuilding" and Reuel Parker's "The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding" are almost as old and still get used all the time. In fact, I just realized that I actually used Buehler's book so much I wore out a copy and had to replace it so it's not quite as old but you get the idea.

Another two books that get heavy use aboard is Dan Spurr's "Upgrading the Cruising Sailboat" and Bruce Bingham's "The Sailor's Sketchbook" which have solved any number of problems as well as improved my life afloat in many and varied ways.

I've a lot of other books as well but all of these are the ones I reach for whenever I have a problem or just need of an idea or inspiration.

I mention this as folks keep writing me and telling me to watch this or that YouTube video of some tyro with nary a clue where boat work is concerned commit boat butchery and mayhem in a bid for a Patreon payout. While, I'll admit, it's often entertaining to watch folks go all FUBAR spending copious money on projects that will just need to be redone later it's a piss poor way to learn how to fix up a boat.

Considering how much pain and suffering could be avoided by reading a couple of books you'd think some folks might just do the book ting.

Listening to a favorite Buffalo Springfield cover

So it goes...