Friday, February 18, 2022

On the need/want front...

Just another blight on the water, a kid smarter than his parents, and in the "It's not over yet" department...

Yesterday, I saw that Northern Tool had an angle grinder to chop saw doohickey on sale and I found that it instilled a certain "this should be in my tool kit" lust.

After all, it only costs $29.95 and would come in all kinds of handy when cutting things like chainplate stock, metal tubing, and pipe. Granted, it would take up some room and I don't really do all that much cutting of metal these days but it would be a nice tool accessory for those times when needful.

Of course, putting the item through the Need/Want stress test I realize that it is something I don't really need. However, I did realize that if I were to build another boat it would come in very handy. As such, the decision to get one is currently on hold till I'm actually building another boat.

As it happens, later the same day I found myself using my favorite screwdriver replacing a machine screw on my dinghy while afloat. The machine screw in question was in the splash zone of the of the dinghy and half of the time my screwdriver was in the water. Off hand, I can't think of a better way to lose a screwdriver.

Realizing that the very last thing I wanted was to lose my favorite screwdriver, I decided that I really should have one or two extras just in case. After the machine screw was replaced without losing said screw driver, I did a quick Need/Want test on getting an extra or two and the extra screw drivers passed the test with flying colors as I really do need a couple of spares.

Listening to an excellent Coverville episode

So it goes...