Thursday, December 09, 2021

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Justice in the sloth lane, an awesome resource of Japanese wood block printing art, and what's going on in modern policing...

The other day while watching a movie it occurred to me that it has been ages since I've seen a film where the characters housing actually reflected their supposed income. You know how it goes with the unemployed guy/girl somehow living in an awesome apartment, house, or loft that would be unattainable by anyone with meager means.

It seems that, where media is concerned, poor folks are only interesting if they drive nice cars and live in good neighborhoods.

The media's depiction of folks on boats is morphing into a similar state with more and more well off people on expensive boats pretending to be less than well off than they are. Which I find just a bit upsetting.

Dishonesty in fiction is bad but in the no-mans land where documentary mixes with reality film and video production meet it's a cardinal sin.

Just something to think about next time you wonder just how someone installing thousands of dollars of gear on a boat with no visible means of support makes sense.

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