Thursday, May 06, 2021

What is comfort after all is said and done?

Wendig pointing out the needful, an interesting flare from Proxima Centauri, and a coffee cup that makes some sense...

I get a surprising number of apologies from strangers writing Boat Bits about their choice of cruising boat. Which, I might add, is something of a mystery to me as I simply don't really care about what sort of boat someone decides to go cruising on as long as they're happy with their choice.

So why the apologies? 

Why the guilt trip?

One of the recurring threads seems to include the notion that they'd get a "proper" boat but you know they'd like a certain amount of comfort. Like I'm a person who is somehow anti-comfort.

Fact is, I'm a huge fan of being comfortable. Though, admittedly, I'm pretty sure my idea of comfort may not be the same as yours. The fact is that any boat I'd choose for myself would meet all of my needful comfort criteria and, I'll go on record in saying that you should get the boat that provides your personal comfort needs.

Just sayin'.

Listening to Fairport Convention

So it goes...