Friday, February 05, 2021

a few thoughts on the whole bigger and more complex is better mindset...

An excellent argument for the use of vaccines, some wage theft fuckery, and some very good news for Puerto Rico...

Not too long ago looking at various multihull plans I had a moment of realization that I haven't seen a new smaller design in ages. Every new "cruising" multihull I've come across is of the bigger is better sort. More cabins, fore and aft cockpits, bridgedeck flybridges, and a whole lot more complexity. 

Bigger and more complex is always going to be more expensive and the last word I want associated with any cruising boat I'd consider is the word "complex".

Now, the word "simple" when associated with a potential cruising boat has me salivating like one of Pavlog's dogs. Simplifying a product happens to be what used to be an evolutionary step in the design process along with making things more affordable and compact (if you need an example just think computers). Sadly, at least where boat design is concerned, it's just the opposite.

In spite of appearances, I don't really wear rose-colored-glasses when looking at older designs although I do appreciate the fact that most older designs were purposed more for cruising rather than charter. Still, most older designs could use some serious improvements because there really have been a lot of advances in boatbuilding during the last couple of decades.

For instance, as much as I like Jim Brown's trimarans or Wharram's catamarans I have to keep in mind that construction methods and materials have improved and, just maybe, taking the basic design and bringing it into the current century might not be a bad thing. Even better is the idea that one might also be able to make a less expensive greener boat with a smaller carbon footprint while you're doing it.

Now, wouldn't that be some kind of progress.

More on the subject soon come.

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