Monday, October 03, 2022

on not protecting your assets...

Just a few 47 bad apples people have to live with, a film I really need to see, and in the "I never thought I'd see an honest oil company ad" department...

In my morning news box I see that five people in Seattle were injured in three unrelated shootings which, by Seattle standards is not exactly surprising. Seattle, as things go in the US of A is a pretty safe place to live.

I mention this, partly because I used to live in Seattle so have a passing interest in what's going on there as well as that what passes for the norm  in terms of crime and violence in the US of A is of interest to me. 

As it happens, the Seattle news came to me at the same time as a current crime report from the Caribbean Safety and Security net had something about someone having their dinghy stolen in Aruba. The idea that someone stole an unlocked dinghy with an outboard was not exactly a surprise. Since outboard motors have become silly expensive and are easily sold (often to cruisers who seldom question a good deal on an outboard) but hardly a crime wave.

The fact remains that sailing and living on a boat in the Caribbean is, more than likely, a lot safer than living back where you came from. Fact of the matter is that most of the folks in the Caribbean inclined to villainy can be found in the local marine trades as there is just not enough profit in stealing your outboard.

That said, if it's unlocked and just sitting there, many will consider it fair game.

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So it goes...