Monday, July 11, 2022

a perfect example of how less is more...

A rare quality, interstellar swimming robots, and an anniversary of note...

It's funny how a design can grow on you over the years.

The Shearwater from Edey & Duff, a Bolger design that I never quite liked way back when is now a boat that I find to be one of Phil's best designs.

Back in the day I considered it to be an overgrown day sailor with an over large cuddy that was neither a day sailor or a cruising boat. That said, I did really like the rowing ports.

Now, when looking at the design, I see it as near perfect example of a boat that is as simple as possible and able to do just about anything you'd care to do.

It would be my first choice to do the R2AK.

If I were contemplating a single handed circumnavigation it would be in my top three choices.

If I wanted a bug out boat to get away from whatever apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) I doubt there be a better boat anywhere.

It's not the sort of boat that the boating industry or consumerish cruisers understand or grok but, for those with an unhampered mind, it just might be the boat that makes the right kind of sense.

Listening to G Love

So it goes...