Thursday, June 16, 2022

a depressing state of affairs...

A book on AI I think I need to read, why the word "concerning" makes me nervous, and in the "It's about time to nail these these jerks to the wall" department...

I just noticed that RAKA has a newish website with higher prices. 

Yeah, prices on everything just keep going up and it's getting harder and harder to build a boat on a workingman's budget.

It's a depressing state of affairs.

Luckily, old classic and not so classic boats still abound while the cost of buying and refitting an elderly boat is still within the reach of someone on a very tight budget. Albeit, a task akin to swimming upstream against a strong current with your hands tied behind your back.

A $400 boat on CraigsList
What we could use is some real progress in the design and building of boats. Sadly, what passes these days for progress is more about bigger, more expensive, and fashion rather than simpler, sustainable, and affordable.

Things really do need to change.

Listening to an interesting cover

So it goes...