Monday, April 04, 2022

How the marine trades are not your friend part 110,367...

Scarily right on the money, those disappearing lakes, and in the "Everything has a carbon footprint" department...

One of the portlights aboard "So It Goes" had a part fail and, unsurprisingly, the company (Vetus) that made the port no longer supports their product. Kind of a bummer that.

In searching for said part from other purveyors of portlights I didn't really come across anything that would work but I did find myself saying "WTF" a lot at the pricing of said bits.

So, what to do? The choice seems to be a new port or fabricate the bit I need.

Of course, if I replace one port I'd have to replace four ports because even I would not be able to deal with mismatched ports as it would drive me nuts. On the other hand, replacing four ports would cost close to $1K and my Mr Cheapseats persona could not handle that on any level.

Leaving me with  the only sensible answer to the problem is to fabricate my own bits.

As it happens the part is actually fairly easy to build as all I really need is a 1/4" thumb nut ($0.36) and a 1/4" threaded stud ($0.81) combined with ten minutes with a file and drill to make it work.

That works out to $1.17 and I think I can handle that.

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