Saturday, March 05, 2022

Not that I expected anyone to do the right thing...

Zandar makes all the right points, drug dealers making out, and the current whether or not a war is just question...

One of my favorite purveyors of  things bicycle is selling t-shirts and suchlike to raise money for Ukraine. and in 48-hours have managed to raise at least $10K already. If you need a bespoke t-shirt I highly recommend getting a couple.

Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery is selling one quart crowlers for $15 with $10 from each can going to the National Bank of Ukraine’s fund for refugees. The limited run of one thousand cans with the "Putin is a dick" labels is expected to raise $10K.

Doing the right thing isn't exactly rocket science but rest assured that If I'm buying bike parts or looking to stock up on beer I know where I'll be going first to get them.

Of course, you'd think that some sailing oriented businesses might do something similar but I'm not seeing anything. If anyone knows of anyone in the marine trades doing something similar please tell me about them and I'll help pass the word along.

The idea that a small business in California can raise $10K in 48-hours has me wondering just how much could be raised by some marine behemoth like West Marine or Defender

Maybe you should ask them?

Listening to Garland Jeffreys

So it goes...