Sunday, February 06, 2022

an answer of sorts...

A like mind, more on banning books, and from the "Beating my head against the bulkhead" files...

I get quite a bit of mail asking why I don't talk more about production boats of the newer variety. The simple answer is I have very little interest in boats I can't actually afford.

However, as in all things, there are some exceptions. I do have a keen interest where design innovation and new construction methods are concerned. Especially when the innovation and boat building aspects are compatible to older production boats and designs.

The reason I'm so interested in the various French RM Yachts is because they are the cutting edge where small shipyards and innovative plywood construction meet. While I can't afford to buy an RM 1070+ I most certainly can liberate a few great ideas by studying the design, how it's built, and rigged.

Some seriously pretty plywood.

You'd be surprised how many details from RM Yachts and the new Dufour 32 just might wind up as part of a 1969 CAL 34.

By the way, for a great blog post on the Dufour 32 you might want to check out Interesting Sailboats (a most excellent resource).

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