Saturday, January 08, 2022

How about ferrocement?

Something interesting about Goldfish, follow the money, and Jimmy Carter making an important point...

I've pointed out in the past that ferrocement boat building, done well, is an excellent way to build a boat. The problem being that building a boat in cement has now become something of a deeply unpopular lost art and is no longer considered these days.

Pity that.

I've also previously pointed out that if a lot of the materials we now use in boat building like epoxy were applied to the ferrocement matrix that would go a long way to improving the process and longevity of the boats.

One material in particular, graphene, as an additive to cement is now something of a game changer in the cement trade and could, if applied to boats, bring ferrocement boat building into the current century,

I think that's called progress.

That being the case, maybe it's time to lose the "ferro" part of the ferrocement matrix as well. Lord knows that there are any number of modern materials of the scrim variety that could be used to reinforce cement in the shape of a boat...

Maybe it's time to rethink reinforced cement boat building with a blank sheet of paper in hand to see just what a 2022 cement boat would look like.

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So it goes...