Thursday, November 04, 2021

a case for "different"...

You'll find this might make you furious, some places best avoided, and in the "The last place in the world I'd ride my bike or spend tourist dollars"  department...

Currently the boat design I find most interesting is the ARGO. Seriously, what's not to like? It's designed to fulfill a need, involves innovative building methods, and  it's meant to be affordable.

Where the problems come in is it's different in how people have come to think about multihulls in general and catamarans specifically. 

Being different is, at best, somewhat problematic.

That being what it is, different is, in this case, something of a necessity. Catamarans have become expensive so just the simple goal of an affordable catamaran is going to be different which requires one to not only accept that but get outside the box and embrace it.

Just think about that for a bit.

Next up we'll be talking about a comparison with the ARGO and a different 30-foot catamaran.

Listening to Daniel Meade

So it goes...