Monday, July 05, 2021

I need a couple of these...

A couple of very important points, teacher's declining salaries, and in the "Boaters best avoided" department...

While perusing the Greenlight Surfboard Supply website I stumbled upon a very cool tool that makes all kinds of sense for just about anyone doing fiberglass work.

Check it out.

While a very simple concept based on the single edge razor blade which has always been my go to tool for trimming glass and scraping small imperfections in tight corners Greenlight's Razor Scraping/Cutlap Tool is all kinds of better than just a razor blade. Certainly a must have for anyone building surfboards but it's also a real game changer for folks working on boats as well.

Just a thought but while you're checking out Greenlight's site you might want to take a look at their selection of shaping tools and sanding gear which tend to be a bit more evolved than a lot of the tools you tend to see in boatyards

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So it goes...

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