Saturday, January 02, 2021

a bit of work in progress...

A depressing (albeit fair) assessment of the situation, an apt resolution for 2021, and about the ongoing problems facing Puerto Rico...

So, yeah, it's 2021. 

Which has had me thinking about what I actually want to do with Boat Bits, VolksCruiser, Fishing Under Sail, and Island Gourmand. The current plan is to make a few changes, a couple of tweaks and add a venue for longer form content which a lot of readers keep requesting.

I've mostly thought of the blogs as being a "Hey, take a look at this!" sharing of ideas type of thing. When I point out an interesting (to me at least) sailboat design it's just that - an interesting boat design that you may find interesting or not but it might be worth a look at without me thinking there was actually a need to say more. Apparently a lot of people reading the blogs want more and a lot of the time I have set aside for the blogs gets taken up with with correspondence with readers asking me why and how a design is "interesting" or asking for more detail on the other various subjects I write about.

Throw in a pandemic with a lot of folks having an excess of time on their hands has increased my mail volume by about 300% which is good but has the downside of giving me even less time to write the blogs and especially writing longer content articles that a lot of people keep requesting.

Which has left me juggling this, that, and the other thing. The conclusion is that a bit of reorganization is needful and I pretty much think I've got it sorted out.

Now it's just a matter of putting the various pieces back in play and see where it goes.

Hopefully most of you will find the tweaks and changes bearable.

Listening to a great playlist

So it goes...