Wednesday, July 29, 2020

on being anchored in a three-ring circus......

Science (or lack of science) in Florida, George Carlin still making sense, and dumbest man in congress reaps his karma...

I've never been a big fan of licensing users of boats (or users of guns for that matter) but nothing focuses my attention on the idea that there actually might be a need for some sort of required boater education while I sit my boat watching other folks prepare for a possible hurricane.

On one hand, I'll admit, it's sort of entertaining seeing how others react to the idea that a real-honest-to gawd-storm just might be up-close-and-personal. Face it, folks of the inspired tyro boat handling and anchoring brigade seem to totally lose it when a bit of real-world danger becomes part of the mix and they go into cluster-fuck mode and flip out.

Then again, it's only entertaining for a moment or two and the overall effect is just depressing. We all have our days of shame and seeing someone going through one underscores the "that could be me" factor. Most of us learn through experience and, for most of us, by making mistakes of the "what does not kill us makes us smarter" sort.

Then again, most folks could avoid most of the traumatic crap of coming into an anchorage with a possible "H" ting on the way by doing a bit of study beforehand and having a semblance of a plan in hand. Two books that will help are Fatty Goodlander's "Creative Anchoring" and "Storm Proofing your Boat, Gear, and Crew". Seriously, you don't really want the stigma of being "That Idiot" who did that "Stupid Thing".

Need I say more?

Listening to a plethora of Bee Gees covers (who'd have ever thought?)

So it goes...