Wednesday, April 29, 2020

once a country capable of great things...

Stupid as a bag of hammers, regarding the bottom line, and I found this somewhat nervous making...

Way back when, in a time of national emergency, the Liberty ship SS Robert E.Peary was launched on November 12, 1942. What makes that simple fact a lot more interesting is that the Robert E. Peary's construction began with its keel being laid at 12:01 AM on November 8, 1942.

I'll save you doing the math and say that it took 4 days, 15 hours and 29 minutes to build. On November 22nd, after final fitting out, the Robert E. Peary went to war.

I mention this because the sort of mindset that used to exist in the USA, that got needful jobs done when they needed doing is somehow missing today. Case in point; every day I listen to the news from the White House telling me that testing and the tools to test the population are here, coming, or simply not needed and that getting the number of tests that are actually needed is just not possible.

Maybe it's just me but, considering that we're living in the year 2020, our government with all of the progress in science, computers, and manufacturing you'd think that producing the means to test the population for a virus would take a bit less time to do than taking 250,000 parts weighing about 14,000,000 pounds and launch a ship ready to go to war.

Then again, way back then Americans held leaders to a higher standard than we do today while the current powers that be simply don't have anything to offer that would engender respect.

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