Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How comparative shopping and knowing how to do things yourself is a goodly thing...

A reminder of note, Moldy Chum with something important about NEPA, and today in the "Just when you think the bar couldn't get any lower" department...

I was looking at Defender's pricing on rope the other day while throwing around some rigging ideas when I had a brief moment of clarity and found myself asking a couple of questions.

Why the hell does everyone seem to think that Defender is the best discount store around anymore?

Fact of the matter is, I seldom buy anything from Defender these days because there most always seems to be someone selling the same stuff for less. Sure their yearly sale seems to be good but for the last three years running most of the deep discounts were on the sort of Brand X stuff you bring in a sale as lost leaders.

How do they get away with charging twenty-four frelling dollars for an eyesplice in Amsteel?

Seriously, the Brummel eye splice is dead easy and the alternative simple tapered bury with lock stitching is even easier. Either splice will only set you back five to ten minutes of not very laborious labor so why'd anyone pay twenty-four bucks to have someone do it for you?

Just saying.

Listening to Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians

So it goes...