Sunday, January 26, 2020

a better seaboot...

Some well deserved jail time, regarding both-siderism, and some needful reading...

Over the last few weeks I've come to the realization that I really need to get a new pair of seaboots so I've been sorta/kinda keeping my eye out for a decent pair with a good deal going. Now, most of the folks I know would just go to West Marine, Defender, or some other reasonable facsimile and get what's cheap, most expensive, or currently hip.

Obviously anyone who knows me or reads this virtual yellow rag already knows I'm pretty much entrenched in the cheap seats zone. However, they tend to forget I'm also a way too critical judge of stuff I want to buy to just go with what's cheapest. If it doesn't do the job I'm not buying it.

Which brings us to the same old same rubber boot.

Which, to be honest, I've never really liked as they never seem to fit and anytime I wind up wearing them they find a way to fill up with water. What's worse is that when I take them off to empty them I usually find a way to misplace one or both so wind up going barefoot. That said, boots of this ilk are cheaper than the alternatives but still way pricier than the non-marine, but just as functional, yellow Wellies from your local hardware and garden store.

Alternatives to the rubber boot tend to be built of more exotic materials (like leather) which, mostly, don't work any better than their rubber counterparts but tend to be hipper. Of course, me being Mr Cheapseats, I don't often peruse what is out and about in expensive and hip footwear but I have noticed a lot of certain hip/trendy sailing channels who don't have to pay for or make money pimping gear, are all wearing some fairly interesting stuff recently and these boots did catch my eye...
Some actual good ideas here. A short boot of sorts married to a gaiter makes all kinds of sense. While I admire the thought process, I still find myself not impressed to the point I'd ever consider shelling out $299 frelling dollars to buy a pair.

By the way, do you realize just how wonderful the internet is when it comes to researching products, pricing, and possibilities?

So, five minutes spent on the computer leads me to boots with all the advantages of the silly expensive boots for a much more reasonable price.

Yeah, kayak boots! Apparently quite a few companies make these so the non-discounted prices seem to be $40-80 (about the same as the same old same rubber boot). It's only a matter of time now that they're on my watch list until I can get a pair on sale (Mr Cheapseats remember?).

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