Wednesday, October 03, 2018


Wrong/stupid on so many levels, a film you'll want to see, and in the "theft on a grand scale" department...

I've been meaning to write something regarding the recent decision of the powers that be in and around Annapolis to sorta/kinda prohibit use of "composting" toilets for long term (over a week) cruisers. Like most problem issues it's complicated and made worse by the fact that most of the people discussing it don't seem to have a grasp of what they are talking about.

For starters, just the fact that most so-called "composting" toilets are not really composting toilets is all kinds of problematic from the get-go and, as "composting" toilets become more and more popular and too often misused, it's only going to become a serious issue.

So, I really do need to write more on the subject because no one else seems to be doing it. I don't blame them because MSD's are not a fun and frolicsome subject at best and sorting out some sort of solution to the problem is akin to beating your head against a bulkhead.

But, being that I have been a long time booster of "composting" toilets and still think that used correctly they are the most effective and least polluting toilet available to us, I feel honor bound to give it a try.

More soon come on the subject.

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