Friday, June 23, 2017

On trying to stay "upbeat" in a depressing world...

Something happening here, regarding those "saved" jobs, and just in case you haven't been paying attention...

Very few things make me smile these days. Reading the news every morning tends to leave me feeling beaten, bedraggled, and hopeless.

Yeah, I know, Super downer, a lot of folks keep writing and asking/demanding/begging that Boat Bits needs to become more upbeat like the "good old days". On one hand, I'm sorta/kinda chuffed that someone actually thinks this blog has had some "good old days" but, in truth, upbeat, in a world run by compassionless assholes is not a good upbeat building environment.

But yeah... The tone.

So here are two things that recently caught my attention that made me smile.

First check out a band by the name of 4TH Curtis. I heard a song of theirs, it made me check them out, and, as a result, I found a bit of happiness.

Second, Some time ago (was it in those oh so heady good old days?) I wrote something about the BIC Sportyak  and today on Off Center Harbor they had a very cool little film about just such a boat which brought a smile. If you are not a member of Off Center Harbor you really should be.

Listening to 4TH Curtis

So it goes...