Tuesday, March 01, 2016

that little whisper in your ear...

The costs of your polo shirt, something interesting about Lion Fish, and this is a whole lot of nervous making...

So, yeah... Donald Trump.

I bring up Trump because he is a a walking/talking/shitting example of someone just about everyone in the media and the world of politics considered a joke with zero possibility of being a serious contender for President.

Apparently, everyone seems to have been wrong. Not all that surprising, when you happen to think about that, as "everyone" has something of a history of getting stuff backwards. For instance, check out what the media, the movers and shakers had to say about Hitler in the early 30's.

Which has exactly what to do with boats and suchlike you may well ask.

Well, for one it does cast a certain shadow on the whole "Everyone says you need a certain kind of boat/budget to sail off into the sunset" advice and, secondly, you might want to pay a whole lot more attention to whatever your personal spidey sense is currently whispering in your ear.

Listening to a chunk of Tom Petty covers

So it goes...