Thursday, January 28, 2016

a quick thought...

An important question, double standard justice, and just the same old same Florida anchoring BS...

So, Dave Z and I have been having a discussion on various subjects and something he said got me thinking about boats, the internet, and how they fit together.

If I say something like...

You can do something.

It does not mean that I think you should. I'm simply pointing out that something is possible. 

If I were to point out that a self-built dinghy that only requires oars or a small outboard is a much more economical choice than a big RIB with a fifteen HP or larger outboard, I'm in no way saying you should have a small rowing dinghy but simply pointing out a simple economical fact of the difference between those two choices.

Part of the reason I'm so attracted to the sailing/cruising gig is simply that you can pretty much do what you want as we're joyfully unfettered for the most part. Sadly, there seems more and more pressure to constrain and quash that freedom.

Truth be told, I'd really hate to be part of that menace that tells people they have to do something a certain way and be part of the pressure that forces people to conform and become sheep.

Choice is cool but it comes at a cost. Just the other day while I rowed past a boat picking up its anchor the guy on the foredeck called out to us with a clever (well, at least he thought it was) jibe concerning rowing and Lin & Larry Pardey. I'm sure he felt all kinds of superior having put me in my place but it did not bother me to the point that I'd go out and buy a 12-foot RIB with a 35HP outboard to better fit in because of what some dork thinks.

Which is not to say there was not a certain amount of irritation but that's just the cost of doing business your way instead of following the herd.

Listening to David Bowie cover John Lennon

So it goes...