Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A very good read...

Laugh if you will but this is some seriously important science (just wish we were doing more faster), this is all kinds of interesting, and is anyone really ready for the cold wet mackerel of reality...

I've been reading the 35th anniversary edition of Herb Payson's "Blown Away" and, just saying, it's the best thing I've read this year.

The book depicts a very different cruising experience than one would find today on one hand, while showing us that the important parts of sailing off into the sunset have not really changed at all.

For me the most interesting thread that ties it all together is how matter-of-factly and with no small amount of humor Payson muddles through without most of the things now considered mandatory for comfort and safety. Not only does he get by but actually does it with quite a bit of style and panache.

Over the years Boat Bits has been running, I've had a pretty constant stream of correspondence with folks who feel they can't go cruising until they have a $250K (or more) boat with all the newest/best bits of gear, I've heard so many five and ten year plans that they've become a blur. and a heart breaking number of letters telling me they've given up the dream because they simply could not make it happen at today's inflated prices/bad economy. Which is depressing when all along they could have done it if they had simply looked at what was needed rather what everyone told them they should have... "Blown Away" shows you it's a lot easier and more accessible than they imagine.

Well worth a read.

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