Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Rose colored glasses and doing your math...

Some interesting news on the battery front, just another captain of industry, and a guitar of note...

Wow, Labor Day has come and gone again... Time really does fly.

Yesterday I noticed there was a Jeanneau Sangria for sale here in the Caribbean and, as I'm a huge fan of this particular Harlé design, I checked it out.

First thing I noticed was the boat was too expensive... Face it, every production boat out there has a price envelope they belong in and the easiet way to find it is look at other boats of the same ilk and average the prices out. Not exactly rocket science but it does go a long way to sort out what the going rate for the boat is and my quick look at Sangria pricing tells me that the envelope runs from about $3500-$7500. In the case of this Sangria it's about 25-35% over the high end of the price envelope,

A quick look at the boat shows a boat that's a bit rundown and needs some work so at best they should be asking a lot less.

The thing is, the sellers just might get their asking price because you don't see a lot of Sangrias on this side of the Atlantic so not a lot of comparison shopping available on price and, of course, there is the rose-colored-glasses syndrome that afflicts so many folks looking for a boat.

Which, I suspect, is why you have a lot of $4K boats selling for $12K...

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