Monday, April 21, 2014

Sometimes an alternative choice would be a goodly thing...

C&L makes a good point, so does Ian Welsh, and a class you might want to consider...

I was looking at the Barros Pop 25 design again the other day and it is still a pretty great little boat.

That said, the more I think about it, the rig really starts to bother me. The cause of my irritation is that the cost of the rig is way too much of the overall building and outfitting budget to make me a happy camper.
Which is not to say it's a bad rig but it is an expensive rig and, for a boat designed to be a serious budget cruiser, it seems somewhat out of place.

Maybe it's just me but an alternative rig would open the design to a lot of budget builders who get stopped dead once they start adding up the costs of the rig.

Which is not to say someone with a copy of "Practical Junk Rig" or "The Chinese Sailing Rig - Design and Build Your Own Junk Rig"
would have much trouble sorting out a more affordable rig and sail plan but still s simpler "normal" (or what passes for one) rig would make the Pop 25 a lot more attractive for its particular niche market.

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