Sunday, April 27, 2014

A quick cure for that clueless feeling...

Just the same old same nervous making shit you might want to keep an eye on, a man with a plan, and in the ass-backwards department...

Yesterday, in the midst getting ready to rerig and make some changes to the running rigging systems aboard "So It  Goes", I sorta/kinda lost my focus.

It happens.

Confronted with a couple of spools of line, a pile of blocks, and other assorted needful bits of hardware, I suddenly realized that I'd lost touch with the cunning plan I had in mind when I was purchasing said items. Bummer.

Fact is, there is a double block with becket I have not even the remotest whisp of a clue why I actually bought it and where it is supposed to go in the overall scheme of things.

That said, since it is an expensive block I'm pretty sure there was not just a plan and purpose but a frelling awesome cunning plan. Otherwise Mr Cheapseats would not have bought it.

So, I did what I always try to do in a situation where, for want of a better word, I am clueless...

I poured myself a bit of rum, grabbed a book, and made my way up to the foredeck to figure things out.

What book you ask?

Yes, that would be Spurr's Boatbook which just happens to be the most referenced book aboard "So It Goes". As far as I'm concerned it's the best general cruising boat and cruising systems reference book there is. Dan Spurr's writing style for explaining stuff is spot on and, combined with the exceptional talents of Bruce Bingham's artwork, go hand in hand to open your eyes to what's possible. More importantly, from where I sit Spurr is not locked in to one true path which is so often the failing point with other books of this ilk.

As it happens, a lot of folks write to this blog asking questions and seeking opinions and 99% of those questions would be answered by simply reading this book...  If someone were to ask me which 'one" book I'd recommend Spurr's book would be it. Something you might want to consider.

So, about my problem...

Well, half a shot of rum and twenty minutes perusing the associated chapters was all that was needed to remember just what I had planned for the new running rigging and yes it be some wicked cunning shit.

I also saw about a half dozen turtles which does not have anything to do with the rigging but it was very enjoyable so I thought I'd mention it.

On the downside I still do not have a clue why I have this brand-spanking-new double block with becket but then again what would life be without the odd mystery to ponder from time to time?

Listening to Alabama Shakes

So it goes...