Sunday, February 02, 2014

My new go to saw...

David Simon making a lot of sense, some stuff most of us knew all along, and King Tut has nothing on this guy...

I bought a new circular saw of the pizza cutter variety a while back but only just got a chance to actually use it in anger this past week. For anyone who's interested, it seriously rocks.

First off, I should mention that being a plunge, as opposed to a set blade, it does have a bit of a learning curve as I found I had a tendency to relax during a cut and so the blade would retract a bit which was bothersome but once you get the hang of it, it's non-problematic.

The good news is its light weight makes it very easy to use one-handed (a needful thing for a guy doing projects aboard a boat at anchor) and its thin blade and very powerful motor makes it slip through wood so easily that you wonder if you're actually cutting... Not unlike a hot knife through butter.

Another plus is the saw has a laser guide that actually works, makes sense, and was visible yesterday in full Caribbean sun while I was cutting out some backing pads in the unshaded cockpit.

The downside is the fact that a small pizza cutter blade does not have the depth to cut through thicker planks but for that I still have the 7 1/2" worm-drive saw stowed under the cockpit for such things.

All in all, it's the new go to saw aboard "So It Goes".

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So it goes...