Thursday, January 30, 2014

so, what's the price of a sunset?

Business as usual in the great rip offs of American medicine debacle, this is really not good, and what's up with our favorite Druid...

The other day we had a Gunboat 66 anchored on top in front of us and it made me feel kind of smug. What's not to like with sitting at anchor sharing the same sunset and view with a guy who spent over $4,000,000.00 to do pretty much what I was doing (ie, bugger all at anchor) on a boat that cost 1000 times less.

Then again, if you read the yachting press, the current trend in cruising is hyperluxe multihulls and, apparently, everyone is going to be sailing and cruising such beasts that dwarf the Gunboat 66 in the near future.

At the moment I love it, if for no other reason, than I can do the same thing as the uber-rich folks for a whole lot less. Albeit in a smaller envelope. Of course, the downside of "at the moment" is that super rich people, as a rule, do not play well with others outside their class and income bracket. So, it's only a matter of time till they no longer care to share an anchorage with the likes of people like myself or anyone of the non-mega persuasion sullying their view and do something about it.

To quote the philosopher Nesmith...

"I said I roll with the flow
Wherever it goes and it's rolling out of here
Which, as it happens, is what I'm listening to at the moment.

So it goes...