Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sure, I want it but do I really need it?

Wonder how much your privacy is worth, some good political advice, and how it's all fallen apart when the fingers start pointing...

We don't have wind instruments on "So It Goes". Partly because I don't like things on the boat that are problematic on the reliability front and partly because wind instruments are just silly expensive as most are over $1000.

I do, however, have a couple of telltales on the standing rigging to help with the whole apparent wind thing and as for intensity, the noise the wind makes on the boat and what I feel on my face seem to do the job just fine.

I mention this because CruzPro, a marine electronics company I have heard nothing but good things about, now has an ultrasonic speed/direction sensor that looks kinda cool and is a LOT cheaper than others of its ilk at about $660. Of course, you'll still need a display which is another $300. So, you're still up there in the $1000 zone but at least it is not going to be the same source of problems as the normal wind sensing units.

All things considered, yes, I'd like this on the boat but I don't need it as I have a lifetime supply of yarn for telltales and it's always worked in the past. So why spend a thousand dollars?

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