Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What's another project when you're on a roll?

Something to think about next time you're at the market, Just a little bothersome, and, apparently Pat never met any of my scoutmasters from the way back when...

I'm kinda excited... I just sent a check off to Tad Roberts for some serious design expertise and, as such, added yet another project to the list!

The project in question?

A new rudder for our CAL 34 "So It Goes"!

The reason for a new rudder is partly because the original rudder stock in 304 stainless has been in the water for nearly 44-years or, to put it another way, when this rudder first hit the water "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival was a brand spanking new song... So, more than time for a replacement.

The other reason behind the new rudder is accepted knowledge of foils and suchlike has improved and a new rudder will improve handling and make the boat just that little bit faster. For those in the know in the CAL fraternity, the CAL 40's with the more modern Schumacher rudder kick some serious ass and give them a definite edge..

Anyone interested in picking up a slightly (cough) used CAL 34 rudder... cheap?

Listening to Frank Turner

So it goes...