Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's offical, we're part of a trend...

These guys sure know how to run an election, in the Now What department, and Orlov makes some sense... Oh yeah, about that new "TSA Cares" program so a quick spot check here and here reveals it's business as usual and FUBAR. Feel safer?

On a lighter note, I should point out that over at Bilgemunky they are on their 206th program of pyraticaly inspired music... Best to give them a listen!

It would seem "So It Goes" is not the only boat looking to check out Brazil in the not-too-distant future... But, I expect, with recent news regarding the Panama Canal, a lot of folks both trendy and not so trendy are going to be looking further south and the Straight of Magellan is looking more inviting all the time.

Note to self... I need a couple of new fleece hoodiesand some Telemark skis!

Listening to Lee Michaels

So it goes...