Thursday, October 06, 2011

Some thoughts on budgets...

Some thoughts on OWS (don't forget to buy some PIZZA to help out), a must see lecture, and some good points from a new blog well worth checking out.

I had an interesting email the other day from a reader who took exception with the whole living-on-a-boat-and-cruising-on-a-budget theme that is part and parcel of the whole Boat Bits gig... His point, in short, was that I paint an unrealistic picture of cruising on a budget and that while you could spend less you'd be so miserable that why would anyone want to.

The thing is, every thing written on Boat Bits is based on long time personal experience or personal experience from folks we know or have come across in our years living and cruising on board various boats. So, while some may not agree with how we see things, it is all based on experience and while our conclusions may not appeal to everyone they do work.

Speaking of things that work, I'm really looking forward to reading "The Money-Less Man" by Mark Boyle who decided that he could live for very little and to prove it spent zero dollars in living what would appear to be a very full and enjoyable life for a calendar year... Very, very  cool.

So, when you think of it, living and cruising on a sailboat for $300, $500, or $1000 a month should be something of a slide...

Ya think?

Listening to Bert Jansch ten years my senior and a personal guitar God who sadly passed away yesterday.

So it goes...