Monday, August 01, 2011

Yes, it's quite insane...

... I think it hurts my brain.
                                      Jimmy Buffett

Mr Buffett certainly got it right where living in the hurricane zone during hurricane season is concerned.

Yesterday's plan was to run over to the mangroves... but watching the storm develop/not develop and the different computer models move away from what appeared to be a direct hit, has us sitting here waiting for the Hurricane Hunters input on the 11:00 forecast before we decide to run or not.That said it is still way too close for comfort...

Can you imagine what it was like pre-NOAA, pre-Hurricane Hunter, and pre-weather satellite? You'd be sitting here both blind and deaf to the approaching storm thinking that it was just another nice day in paradise.

Sadly, a lot of folks in Washington think such things like NOAA weather and the need for GPS satellites are simply not worth the cost. However, from where I sit on a small plastic boat 501-miles from an approaching storm it makes all kinds of sense.

Listening to Mr Buffett

So it goes...