Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whatever works for you...

We get a lot of emails here at Boat Bits Central that start with the words "Is it OK?" and just to save folks a lot of time and energy I'll give everyone the answer... and the answer is Yes!

The thing is, you can pretty much do what you want because this should be about doing your thing and while I have joked about yacht police in the past but there really are no rules... I'll repeat that.

There are no rules!

If you want to sail away in a multihull it's OK! Maybe Classic Plastic is your thing, not a problem. Want to spend lots and lots of money and show folks how hip you are Go for it! Want to circumnavigate in a twenty foot boat made out of plastic coke bottles... Why the hell not?

If it works for you it works!

Which is not to say your choices will not have repercussions, folks (and that does include boatfolk) can be judgmental in regards to income levels, social strata and all the other means of putting people in categories... Life is like that and as much as we may try, you can't sail away from that stuff.

On the other hand, if you happen to be cruising on a CAL 20 for very little money you will come into contact with other like souls of similar mindset, just like the folks who need to be super hip will find themselves hanging with other super-hip wannabees... All part of the herd mentality thing.

But it gets better... In time you find folks that don't really care that you are on X or Y budget or have a Pretentious 44 or a Tired Plastique 33 but are simply of like mind and interests and it works out in the end.

If there is one consideration to keep in mind it is simply to try and be true to your own personal path and keep safe in the process...

It's OK!

Listening to Quicksilver

So it goes...