Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maybe we need a gimballed table?

Last night after dishing up dinner I popped out to do something in the cockpit and just as I was about to come back inside looked off the port side and saw about a four and a half foot wave entering the anchorage...

Next thing you know the wave is on top of us and the sound of plates flying off the table, books falling out of shelves, and various other objects going walkabout.

We had popcorn for dinner... That is, after cleaning up ribs, potatoes and suchlike off the floor, bulkheads and cats. Fun stuff!

The cause of said wave is hazy but it was most likely either a late leaving inter-island cargo boat or a sports fisherman getting in late and eager to get to the pub... Either way they should have known better.

Geez... What am I saying? Power boat folks knowing better is akin to my voting Republican.

Roll on peak oil!

Listening to a Kink

So it goes...