Sunday, March 06, 2011

Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow...

We are doing all that we can for our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin... Right?

I stole today's title from the Funkadelic tune... George Clinton certainly had a way with words and I can't really think of a better mantra for aspiring cruisers to make their own.

Most folk's problems are not about the perfect boat, the best ground tackle, the ultimate cruising plan, or suchlike... It is all about doing a little thinking and simply doing it. Once you are moving forward your ASS will most certainly follow... Ya think?

As the folks in Wisconsin can attest to, there are people who have a whole different game plan laid out for our future and it is not that pretty at all (I stole that line from Warren...). My spidey sense tells me that folks dead set on eroding our freedoms are not going to be all kinds of warm and cuddly for folks with an alternative lifestyle or worldview and who just happen to want to sail around on boats... just saying.

Listening to Funkadelic

So it goes...