Thursday, March 10, 2011

A correction... Raymarine

It has been pointed out to me that Raymarine is no longer a division of Raytheon having been bought out by management backed by the HgCapital group and recently acquired by FLIR Systems...

My bad!

Which in a way is a good thing as they apparently are not using prison labor to build products so they get bonus points for that. Not so good as they still have some serious issues with quality control and after sales service so still remain on my gear I don't want on my boat list.

So it goes...

Getting back to the Raytheon story though is that there are many products and services being marketed in the USA using prison labor and very few of the companies involved have this information available to the public. Everything from missile systems to telemarketing is being outsourced to near slave labor wages being paid to inmates in the relentless quest for bigger profits.