Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back in the real world...

Partial nuclear meltdowns and horrific after earthquake/tsunami images seem to be the order of the day...The fact that the earthquake was so powerful that it moved the island nation of Japan eight feet and moved the axis  of the entire world, keeps repeating in my mind.

Powerful forces at work.

Other news that may get lost in the earthquake blitz is that a study by NASA says that our ice caps are melting a lot faster than anyone thought, a Republican tells the truth about a bill, and folks in Wisconsin are still fighting the good fight and doing it "pretty up and walking good".

When I need to drag myself into a positive space, John Stewart has always been the music of choice as he better than anyone always seemed able to focus on the positive and in a world where the word "hero" has been stolen and become simply the patter of political shills  he reminds us that there is more to it than wearing a flag on your lapel.

I'm pretty sure that if Mr Stewart was still with us he'd be in Wisconsin and doing what he could for those folks needful in Japan as well... To say that John Stewart is missed is simply too small words for the void that is left without him.

So it goes...