Sunday, January 30, 2011

A whole lot of nervous going on...

Off hand I'd just like to mention the fact that being anchored in the Caribbean is no bad thing and if things get ugly I can always mosey on to someplace where it's less interesting... Boats are a GOOD thing!

I mentioned the other day about how Egypt is in the midst of some serious frolic and yesterday's news points out that Jordan, Algeria, and Tunisia  are looking "interesting" as well.

China, as it happens, has censored the word "EGYPT" from its internet so their people won't get any ideas of the frolicsome sort.

For anyone interested in the best coverage,  AlJazeera is the place to be watching it... truth is, it just may be the best news source around for anything these days!

Current news, of course, does not really have anything to do with sailing or cruising but a simple understanding of how the real world actually works from perspectives other than Fox news (Fox and news in the same sentence is sort of a contradiction in terms though) or CNN will go a long way to keeping you a happy camper.

Another way of keeping the inner camper happy is to always have a back-up plan in your back pocket...

A very long time ago I drove down to the tip of South America to do some climbing (a rather unsuccessful but cunning attempt on Cerro Torre though we did get lucky with Fitzroy) and ever since, I have been looking for an excuse to go back.

Awesome trout fishing, incredible (if somewhat chilly) rock climbing, great skiing and a climate not unlike the Pacific Northwest which I once called home... What's not to like?

Oh yeah, the sailing is seriously interesting but in a good way!

Lots of homework, research and charts to look into...