Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11... The story so far!

Mike (you know Captain Mike) dropped me a New years greeting and mentioned he was getting ready to go off to the Maldives for a bit of R&R. Which I'm certainly sure is needful having had a job for the last couple of months... I'm sure he is looking forward to some heavy petting courtesy of the TSA.

Speaking of work, I need to dust off the film gear and get to doing some myself if a new boat build is in cards (but a lot more on that cunning plan later)... Luckily for me, the new Nikon I've been waiting for is finally out and will go a long way to making my boat (Martime Moose) film projects both fun and frolicsome... Anyone need a lightly used D200?

Karl and Iris, jet set duo and all around bon vivants (who just may single handedly bring hats back) are doing music as well... Check it out.

Our friends over at Zero to Cruising are wishing they'd kept the composting head...

Oh yeah... The world is still going to hell in a super-charged wicker basket but I'll get around to that later!