Monday, December 20, 2010

Gifts that make sense for someone cruising...

Since this is Christmas, Boat Bits might as well get on the "let's make a list of things to pimp" bandwagon in an effort to bring a little income to the blog (everyone else is).

I noticed that Blue Water Cruising (who seem to know lots about pimping) had such non-essential gear as a carbon fiber clock (but with nautical flags!), a doggie bed, and a nautical-themed (yep flags) charm bracelet... Obviously NOT the sort of territory we cover here at Boat Bits Central!

So, what sort of stuff to pimp err... suggest?

Well, I don't know a single cruiser who is not also a voracious reader. Factor in the fact that good books are hard to find in most cruising locations and a box of books starts looking like a mighty fine gift that will be appreciated not just by the giftee but by those he comes in contact with through book trades and suchlike. For sure, the sort of gift that keeps on giving!

Though one thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to give someone a book that is part of a series, send the whole series. Often I've found it nearly impossible to get either the next book in a series or the one preceeding the book someone just gave me. So It Goes has an entire bookshelf devoted to books I have not read because I have not come across the earlier titles which would make sense of the book I have... So if you want to give someone the new Joe Pike novel by Robert Crais, you might want to include the earlier one (The Watchman) as well...

Tools are always a good bet as I don't know anyone on a boat who has all the tools they need, much less want. While a tool like a little folding pull saw for the tool kit or a ceramic pocket knife for the rigging bag may not be as nautically twee as a carbon fiber clock with signal flag motif, it will be appreciated for years to come, as well as earning its keep.

Fishing gear is always appreciated. A lure or two is always a needful thing on a boat but then, just maybe, why not a whole new hobby and get them a fly rod or fly tying kit?

Something I'd love for "So It Goes" is a good inflatable two-person kayak as we sold our old one and have been kicking ourselves ever since...

But, since I guess a list like this has to have something cute (though I'll be damned if I go the Blue Water Sailing little flag twee route), how about a cool backgammon set? We really love to play backgammon but the backgammon set always seems to be something of a pain to get out. This set is in a bag and folds up into no space at all and it's cheap... Neat!