Sunday, November 14, 2010

A very cool little saw...

I've mentioned before that I use Japanese hand saws and that they are well worth having a couple in your tool bag... That said, most of the Japanese hand saws are less than happy in western tool boxes and I keep meaning to sew up a suitable scabbard to protect both my saws and my toolbox-questing-fingers (FYI, Japanese saws are wicked sharp).

This pull saw by FastCap, on the other hand, is set up like a butterfly pocket knife and the handle folds to cover the blade... No muss no fuss and no blood dripping off the ends of your fingers!

Not much bigger than a pocket knife, it is just the thing for the sort of trim work most of us on boats tend to pick up the hand saw for and also looks like just the thing for dovetails and other wood butchery.

Better yet it's cheap at less than $10!