Sunday, October 17, 2010

Going simple... a most excellent water pump

Over at the never ending discussion about whether you can cruise on $500 a month, I caught this gem... A new potable water pump I needed was US$500 in the boat parts store while the rebuild kit was only US$100. But I had to be willing to take the old pump apart and rebuild it. Hiring a "professional" to get and replace the pump would have probably cost near to US$1K (pump and labor/time).

Actually, not a bad point as it shows the advantage of doing your own work and saving money in the process. Which I think you'll agree is no bad thing in the grand scheme of things as being DIY capable cuts the costs of cruising radically.

Of course, for us in the cheap-seats universe, the idea of a water pump that costs $500 is akin to gold plated toilet seats... Ain't going to happen!

The water pump on "So It Goes" is a seriously fine (some might even say superb) Babyfoot by Whale that has a list price around $50 but if you buy one at Defender or other discount chandler it should be less than $40.

It pumps water just like the more expensive electric pump but not being electric it does not use any power. Every time you use it you are up-close-and-personal with water usage in a way that both encourages water conversation while discouraging the waste of water... How cool is that?

Even better is the fact that it is so simple there is hardly anything that can go wrong with it and when it does it's so easy and cheap to fix it (a rebuild kit is around $20) so is well within the most tyro DIYer's comfort zone... What's not to like?