Sunday, August 01, 2010

All warm and fuzzy...

Living on a boat is not for everyone and while we do OK, it is not without the occasional "wouldn't it be nice to live in the real world" moments...

Like a garden would be nice and as much as we try and sort out various cunning plans to have even the most minimal onboard source of produce, the best we can do seems to be sprouts... Not knocking sprouts, but it sure would be nice to have an onboard source of tomatoes and zucchini that made sense.

Then there is the constant struggle to make things fit... Sure the guitars are hassle making but trying to make accessible room for a pair of bikes and professional film equipment on a 34-foot boat that is workable is just plain crazy making! While I'm all for simplifying, there really is a point where doing without starts eroding the quality of life. And make no mistake about it the whole basis of the live aboard lifestyle is all about quality of life... Just something to keep in mind.

Then again... If it was easy everybody would be doing it!

Sadly, life is very seldom easy and worthwhile stuff even less so. So every once in awhile it is needful to point out this whole living-on-boat-and-cruising-gig is not just cute kittens, tropical breezes and awesome sunsets. It's just life and like all things there are messy bits.