Friday, July 16, 2010

Just another day in the tropics...

Living on a boat in the tropics gives you a little different perspective from time to time. For example, while sitting on the foredeck this afternoon we were talking about this and that and the subject came around from possible hurricanes and the weather (normal for this time of year) to the price of cheese and on until we started talking about Dengue and just maybe since we've been feeling less than tip top that just possibly we had a mild case of Dengue fever... Could be, as the place we were building the mast was a mosquito farm and I would not be too surprised if a lot of those mosquitoes had stripy legs!

We have both had Dengue before so we know what bad Dengue is like but mild not so much. Down here in the USVI you can't get checked for Dengue as they like to pretend it does not exist (can't scare those tourists away) and even if you do have it there is bugger all that can be done except to ride it out.

Which brings me to a really excellent article on Malaria that anyone thinking of visiting the tropics should read... The Tenacious Buzz of Malaria.