Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anything to read... Turn and face the strange

I subscribe to most of the sailing/boat magazines but sadly those days of looking forward to new issues are long past. Not that there is not good stuff being written, but it's got pretty hard to find it these days among the revamped press releases masquerading as content or the we're-simply-shilling-for-a-company-that-spends-big-bucks-on-advertising boat reviews or articles. Face it, when was the last time you read a review in a magazine where they said something sucked?

Of course, with such crappy content it's hardly surprising that sales are down. In this worsening economy magazines should be putting more effort into giving us a product that makes us want to spend our money on their next issue instead of pandering to advertisers at the expense of their readers, who from where I sit, deserve better.

Then again, these days there is a lot of good boat journalism floating about on the web. Voids tend to fill up, and if the boating press is not going to serve its niche someone else will... Right now blogs and sites like Sailing Anarchy are beginning to be the place real people look for information and sailing related content and it won't be long before advertisers figure that out... Ch-ch-ch-changes!