Thursday, May 06, 2010

A very cool guitar idea... Voyage-Air Guitars

For those of us guitar addicts who can't get their heads around the "travel guitar" solution and find that a quiver of full sized guitars take up far too much space, there may be another option...

 Looks like a normal full sized Dreadnought... Right?

How cool is this? A folding guitar that fits into a case that can be carried on an airplane!

What's better, from all reports, it is far from being a gimmick and is showing up in the hands of some very solid and savvy guitar players... a real guitar that folds.

I'd love to be able to find the room for a couple more acoustics and this one might be just the thing for a take-it-to-the-beach sort of guitar... or maybe this one for cockpit duty... Apparently they also have a "Les-Paulish" P90 pickup solid body...

...and nothing says slide to me like P-90 pickups.

The only thing that I find lacking in the line is NO 12 STRINGS... but it's early days yet and just maybe Voyage-Air will do the right thing and start building one because "So It Goes" could always use another 12 String!